2013 Rumours Tour Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac announce plans to perform new music on UK Tour

The band have written three new songs which they may debut on their jaunt

Fleetwood Mac have promised to perform new music on their upcoming UK tour while hinting that they could even release a brand new album.

The “Go Your Own Way” hitmakers announced last week that they will be embarking on a world tour kicking off in April, and in addition to their classic hits, it looks like fans are in for a treat with the band revealing they will be performing new songs they have written recently.

“I hope there’s a demand for it,” drummer Mick Fleetwood told BBC 6 Music. Mick added that the songs were written in a bid to entice Stevie Nicks to rejoin the group.

“We wanted her to know we wanted to make some new music and we had some great songs,” Mick said.

“But her mother died not too long after and it wasn’t the time for her to do any singing, so we dropped it.”

“Then recently she’s sung on three of them and recorded one original song of hers, so we’re going to mix these songs down and there’ll be something that we will play hopefully on stage.”

Fleetwood Mac’s last album, Say You Will, was released in 2003, while their 1977 record, Rumours, re-entered the charts this week at number three.

The band will perform 34 dates in the US beginning in April before moving to Europe in the summer and the UK in September and October.

Alicia Adejobi / Entertainmentwise / February 4, 2013

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