Pony dance advert brings Fleetwood Mac ‘Everywhere’ Back into charts

By Andrew Braithwaite
Music Talkers (UK)
Wednesday, March 6, 2013 17:27

An unusual yet amusing advert has brought Fleetwood Mac’s classic song ‘Everywhere’ back into the charts to a respectable position. The advert for mobile phone company ‘Three’ has racked up massive amounts of YouTube hits in just over a week. It’s fast become the latest UK viral sensation.

2013-dancing-ponyWith a rather bizarre combination of a dancing Shetland pony on a cliff side in Eshaness in the Shetland Islands Scotland, the pony breaks out into some kind of backwards leg shuffle dance, similar to the moonwalk dance.

The reaction to the advert has been massive; people on Twitter have been praising the advert, some saying that it’s the best thing they have seen. It’s not without its complaints though; some cannot stand the clip and find it highly irritating.

Today when the official midweek charts were revealed Fleetwood Mac ‘Everywhere’ had come in at number 14. The classic was originally released in 1988 where it got to number 4 in the charts. Maybe it could beat its original place through this viral sensation by weekend.

The owners of the farm have reported that the emails, calls and letters have come in from around the world about their Pony named ‘Socks’. No doubt mobile phone company Three are delighted with the success too.

It’s not the first time we have seen odd combinations of classic songs with adverts to produce massive viral success. A few years ago the Phil Collins drumming Gorilla advert saw a great response. It seems combination of classic songs with surreal videos is the key to viral success.

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