2014-2015 On With the Show Tour

Christine McVie joins Facebook

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Christine McVie has joined Facebook, according to Fleetwood Mac’s official Facebook page. Fleetwood Mac announced McVie’s foray into social media on the legendary keyboard’s official Facebook page Thursday evening. The announcement is the latest development in Fleetwood Mac’s highly anticipated fall plans to reunite with McVie, which include a full-scale concert tour. McVie had left the band 16 years ago for a quieter life.

The latest development comes on the heels of last week’s exciting news that Fleetwood Mac had completed 75% of the work toward creating a new album. “We got eight tracks very far along,” fellow bandmate Lindsey Buckingham told Rolling Stone. “It just played out really organically in a way that seemed appropriate.”

Christine McVie now returns home to England, where she will hit the media circuit to promote her return to Fleetwood Mac.

Fleetwood Mac launches a fall tour, dubbed the On with the Show Tour, in Minneapolis on September 30. The tour will run through North America until the end of the year and continue with expected tour dates in Australia and Europe in 2015.

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