2014-2015 On With the Show Tour Concert Reviews

REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac at the Wells Fargo Center 10/15/2014

Edgy and energized are an understatement when it comes to describing the sold out audience before Fleetwood Mac made their blockbuster return to Philadelphia in what is known as their “classic configuration.” In every respect this was a classic live event.

Upon their entrance the roar was deafening, joyous and received by the band with a sort of joy usually seen in new acts when they hit their sweet spot. It must have been unworldly for Christine McVie to receive not just the adulation of the audience, but the true over the top joy of her band mates.

They led off with “The Chain,’ the crowd almost lost it and after the song Lindsey Buckingham had a smile you could see from the moon. He looked to his right and nodded to Christine. It was the beginning of a two and one half hour symphony of some of the best the world of music has to offer.

There were so many heart-felt highlights it is hard to render them down to a few, but for me when Lindsey said “ And now we have Christine back.” he didn’t say it he meant it. Nick Fleetwood’s face must have hurt from the wild smile he had the entire night. The thunderous reaction to Stevie Nicks when she twirled and the awe when the lights went out and came back on with McVie sitting at a Grand piano playing “Over My Head.” For me these were moments to remember.

Musically, the vocals don’t have the range they did 30 years ago, however, the character and grit in the voices more than compensated for a note forgotten. What makes any performance stand out is the chemistry amongst the performers along with the alchemy between the group and the audience. They truly turned the night into gold. Lindsey Buckingham stole the show this night with his energy and guitar solo during “I’m So Afraid. ” Couple with his gymnastic ballet, he was awe-inspiring with over 9 minutes of some of the finest finger work you will ever see and or hear.

The visuals really contributed to an amazing night. From the medieval motif shown during “Rhiannon” to the clip of the UCS band during “Tusk,” the colors and imagery were just top-notch.

Fleetwood Mac has already done it all. They have recorded 48 albums, released 76 singles, won Grammy Awards, and been inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, yet they gave us everything they had for almost 3 hours. What they had was magic and they gave us a little of that magic.


“The Chain”
“You Make Loving Fun”
“Second Hand News”
“I Know I’m Not Wrong”
“Sisters Of The Moon”
“Seven Wonders”
“Big Love”
“Never Going Back Again”
“Over My Head”
“Little Lies”
“Gold Dust Woman”
“I’m So Afraid”
“Go Your Own Way”
“World Turning”
“Don’t Stop”
“Silver Springs”
encore 2:

I’m a romantic, so I see things through rosy glasses. If you have the chance to see Fleetwood Mac during this tour, do it! Nothing is forever and who knows if the “classic configuration” will come our way again!

Joe S. / iRadioPhilly / Saturday, October 18, 2014