2014-2015 On With the Show Tour

VIDEOS 10/31: Verizon Center, Washington DC

Fleetwood Mac spent Halloween night in the nation’s capital, performing their 17th show of the tour at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC. Stevie and even John got into the spirit of the special night when they both returned to the stage at the end of the show donning festive Halloween witch hats!

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Set List

1. The Chain 13. Landslide
2. You Make Loving Fun 14. Never Going Back Again
3. Dreams 15. Over My Head
4. Second Hand News 16. Gypsy
5. Rhiannon 17. Little Lies
6. Everywhere 18. Gold Dust Woman
7. I Know I’m Not Wrong 19. I’m So Afraid
8. Tusk 20. Go Your Own Way
9. Sisters of the Moon 21. World Turning (encore 1)
10. Say You Love Me 22. Don’t Stop
11. Seven Wonders 23. Silver Springs
12. Big Love 24. Songbird (encore 2)


Special thanks to AngelStorm26, Cole Chance, Morgan G, Nolberto Guevara, ImLizzing1, jester2makeulaugh, Keith Kirk, Sandy MacKenzie, Daoud Malikyar, and Steve Phelps for sharing these videos!

The Chain (courtesy of Nolberto Guevara)

Second Hand News – partial (courtesy of Joe Shukay)

Everywhere (courtesy of jester2makeulaugh)

I Know I’m Not Wrong (courtesy of jester2makeulaugh)

Sisters of the Moon (courtesy of SandyMac)

Seven Wonders (courtesy of Steve Phelps)

Landslide (courtesy of Cole Chance)

Gypsy (Morgan G)

Little Lies (courtesy of AngelStorm26)

Littles Lies (courtesy of ImLizzing1)

Gold Dust Woman (courtesy of SandyMac)

I’m So Afraid (courtesy of jester2makeulaugh)

Go Your Own Way (courtesy of Daoud Malikyar)

World Turning – solo only (courtesy of Steve Phelps)

Don’t Stop (courtesy of John Dorsey)

Silver Springs (courtesy of Cole Chance)

Songbird (courtesy of Keith Kirk)

Halloween hats (courtesy of SandyMac)

Songbird / closing speeches (courtesy of jester2makeulaugh)

STEVIE: “I want you to know that I really believe that the universal consciousness of Fleetwood Mac fans last year at some point all at the same time said, ‘Gee, I wish Christine McVie would come back.’ And it worked because the universal prayer that our girl would return had an effect. The universe said I’ll make it happen. She called, here she is, and I want you to know that I thank you for that because it has been a long, long time without my wonderful friend, and we got our dream girl back. And you got to hear her beautiful songs again. So everyone, have a wonderful, wonderful Halloween. Good night. And always remember that we love you so much, you know. This is our life. It’s really all we do, so what a brilliant night this has been for us, and you go out and you just rock. Much, much love to all of you. Take care.”

MICK: “This band leaves you with this: take care of yourselves in this extremely crazy world that we do live in. But most importantly, be so kind to one another. We do love you so very much. And remember, wait for it: The Mac is most definitely back!”