2015 On With The Show Tour - Australia/NZ

REVIEW: Despite storm, Fleetwood Mac smash out the hits

Thunder only happens when it’s raining: Fleetwood Mac performed for two hours in a storm.

If you’re planning on heading to Fleetwood Mac’s last show in Auckland tonight, listen to your Mum’s old advice and take an extra layer, even if you think you don’t need one.

Last night’s concert at Mt Smart Stadium saw thousands of Mac fans drenched in the beginnings of a storm, barrelled by wind and generally, just a bit miserable.

If you’re at all familiar with the wicked witchery of Stevie Nicks you’d be convinced the songstress brought last night’s storm on herself.

Fleetwood Mac’s Hollywood, Dream and many more songs hail the rain.

Lindsey Buckingham
(Photo: Chris McKeen)

Take; “I don’t care for sunny weather / I like the change of seasons better / I love the feel of rain upon my face” and “Thunder only happens when it’s raining…When the rain washes you clean, you’ll know, you’ll know”.

And suddenly, despite the fact that everyone was soaked through and freezing cold, we were still dancing to the sounds of Lindsey Buckingham’s rock voice and insane guitar skills, Christine McVie’s fingers moving over the keys and her rasping voice belting out the songs, Mick Fleetwood bashing away at the drums and of course, Nicks’s higher register ringing through the stadium.

The lights, the slightly hazy images of Nicks’s tassled gypsy outfit as she spun in circles, the sound of thousands singing “Tell Me Lies” over the sound of rain, the eerie sound of Nicks and Buckingham’s voices on the long-held notes of “Rhiannon” while the wind blew – there was something kind of magical about it.

Nicks talked extensively about the All Blacks – because when in Rome – and Buckingham talked candidly about how the foursome had come through their hard times to still be together on stage now, and how it’d only made them stronger. And he and Stevie played on their old romances throughout the night, leaning in close, whispering to one another.

And McVie looked pleased as punch to be back, rejoining the group after missing the last tour.

Christine McVie
(Photo: Chris McKeen)

However, conscious of the fact that we were all dripping wet, they kept the banter to a minimum and just smashed out hit after hit, all voices unfailingly on point, the crowd singing, dancing, swaying and spinning along with them.

Tonight is Fleetwood Mac’s last show of their tour, and they’re stoked to be ending it in “such a cultural place”.

I’d recommend you go, especially if the sky stays blue but if not, rug up warm.

Siena Yates / Fairfax New Zealand / Sunday, November 22, 2015

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