Here are some excellent resources to buy Stevie Nicks-inspired art, clothing, and jewelry and Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood music. Click on the highlighted links or image icons to be redirected to the business owners’ respective website.


Johanna Pieterman's Stevie ArtJohanna’s Art – Inspired by Stevie Nicks

“As a fan of Stevie for 30 years I have created many fantasy portraits of Stevie surrounded by the magical imagery she writes about in her beautiful lyrics. These pieces are here for your viewing pleasure or you can take it one step further and order a print of a b/w or colour image, great as a gift for the Stevie fan in your life or just to add to your own collection.” —Johanna Pieterman, owner

Amanda W CrewsLeaping Princess Studios – The Mystical Art of Amanda W. Crews

“Our cyber-castle is constantly evolving. If you go exploring, you may trip over a few broken links, (all great castles have oubliettes…) but we still have LOTS of great pages within this site for you to explore, so please look around and enjoy your visit! Be sure to bookmark this page, stop in anytime, and contact us for more information. Thank you for your patronage ~ Help support the Arts!” —Amanada W. Crews, owner



DustiRags, Stevie Nicks clothingDustiRags

Stevie Nicks style clothing and more!!!

Welcome everybody!! I make Stevie Nicks style shawls, velvet ruched legwarmers, Rhiannon style tops, crescent —Dustin Hoffman, owner

Wadulisi Woman

Wadulisi“Wadulisi specializes in one-of-a-kind hand-crafted pieces and groovy vintage items inspired by Native American culture, music, groupies of the 60s, rebels of the 70s, highway lovers, and far away places. I am always open to custom items or trade so don’t hesitate to ask!” —Ashley Glynn, owner

Etsy Marketplace

Check out popular items related to Stevie on Etsy.



kelly-graham-stevie-pendantsKelly Graham Designs – Creations Forged from the Heart

“These unique bracelet cuffs and Crescent Moon and Pyramid pendant designs capture the ethereal magic of Stevie Nicks, the enchantress of song. Each are recreated with the likeness of Stevie Nicks’ jewelry from the late 70’s to early 80’s time period, featuring the popular crescent moon and pyramid pendant necklaces!” —Kelly Graham, owner



Browse the wealth of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac items on, the leader of online retail customer service.


CDJapanCDJapan is a great place to shop for Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac music that is exclusively released in Japan, such as the 2013 Fleetwood Mac pre-1975 catalog reissues. Prices are reasonable and packages are securely shipped, typically arriving in less than one week.

“Our online shop is the best place to directly order the latest CDs, DVDs, and collectibles officially released in Japan. Working closely with the leading suppliers, we also strive to be the most comprehensive and reliable source of product information. Our goal is to offer a safe, convenient, and fun shopping experience.” —CDJapan


Browse Stevie’s digital catalog on iTunes.


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