2015 On With The Show Tour - Australia/NZ

REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac at Coopers Stadium

Fleetwood Mac’s full classic line-up was in fine form before diverse Adelaide crowd.

All photos by Kristy Delaine
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Recalling the sports stadium vibe of Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk” video, Coopers Stadium was an apt setting for one of the last true stadium bands (who surprisingly admitted they rarely play outdoor concerts).

On what could be their last tour, the classic line-up (sorry Peter Green fans) was in fine form in front of a diverse crowd that ranged from baby boomers to 30-somethings raised on their parents’ Fleetwood Mac albums and 20-something women dressed in their best Stevie Nicks-inspired gear. The post-1975 Fleetwood Mac era is one that has it detractors but the all-ages crowd proved how the Nicks/Buckingham era of the band has only become more influential as the years have progressed; excellent songwriting lasts as fashion fades.

Angus & Julia Stone seemed an odd opening choice but they represented a large percentage of the crowd, the children of the original fans. With four back-up musicians, the Stone siblings showed why they were a much better choice than the kinds of acts that usually get picked for these sort of tours (such as Jimmy Barnes or, god forbid, John Farnham), as their Nicks-influenced Gypsy mysticism was prevalent during their largely rock/blues set. The siblings also seemed humbled by the occasion; paying tribute to the headline act once they finished.

I’ve never described a concert as sweet before but the reunited transatlantic group was just that, as former partners Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham walked to the stage hand-in-hand, and Nicks blew kisses to long-time absentee Christine McVie (who has been living the quiet life in her English castle for the past 16 years). The dysfunction behind some of pop and rock’s greatest moments seemed to be all but forgotten. Beginning with “The Chain,” McVie’s brilliant “You Make Loving Fun” showed why she is the secret cog in the Fleetwood Mac machine. As one of the most underrated pop hit makers of the ‘70s and ‘80s, McVie’s collection of earnest pop (“Little Lies,” “Everywhere,” “Think About Me” and “Say You Love Me”) were some of the highlights of a greatest hits concert few bands could match.

Nicks’ “Rhiannon” was an early crowd-pleaser, as the audience up front temporarily got off their seats for the early Nicks/Buckingham Mac era classic. The light rig lowered for Buckingham’s experimental pop masterpiece “Tusk,” with the energetic visionary of the band (who looks extremely fit at 66 years of age) excited by the rousing performance of “Tusk,” jumping up and down at the completion of the marching band classic.

The middle of the show largely showcased Nicks and Buckingham, who proved to be one of the greatest ring-ins in music history when Mick Fleetwood recruited the struggling duo and they helped to turn his blues outfit into a stadium rock/pop behemoth in the mid-‘70s. Buckingham performed a rousing solo rendition of “Big Love” while Nicks’ “Landside” showed that famous husky voice has lost none of its enigma even though Nicks doesn’t twirl with as much as ease as she once did. “Gold Dust Woman” was pure magic before “Go Your Own Way” closed proceedings.

Despite some cheesy moments (drum solos and ‘inspiring’ anecdotes in-between tracks), you could feel the love between the band, who had to cancel their 2013 Australian tour due to John McVie’s (who played his bass unceremoniously in the background) cancer scare.

From a selfish music lover’s point of view, the positive to take from the 2013 cancellation is that the 2015 tour saw Adelaide witness the full classic line-up, complete with John McVie’s former wife, Christine, who drove home her influence with two of the encore’s highlights: “Don’t Stop” and a beautiful rendition of “Songbird.”

A brilliant night for young and old.

Fleetwood Mac

Wednesday, October 28

Coopers Stadium


fleetwood mac

David Knight / Rip It Up / Friday, October 30, 2015

2015 On With The Show Tour - Australia/NZ

Fleetwood Mac brings the love to Adelaide

Fleetwood Mac family finally felt complete.

All photos by Simon Cross
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FEW bands have been through as much as Fleetwood Mac and lived to tell the tale.

They took the ’70s ethos of sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll to its limit, with the sex and the drugs threatening to end the rock ’n’ roll on more than one occasion.

Perhaps that’s why Wednesday night’s show at Coopers Stadium had such a feel-good vibe – the Mac are like a dysfunctional family who’ve had some therapy, buried the hatchet and turned up for Christmas lunch with smiles on their faces. And the family finally felt complete, with songwriter/keyboardist/vocalist Christine McVie back where she belongs after 16 years away from the band.

“This is quite an auspicious occasion,” McVie told the full stadium. “I haven’t been to Adelaide for 30 years.”

The crowd welcomed her with open arms – her voice and her songs are a vital piece of the Fleetwood Mac puzzle.

McVie looked effortlessly cool behind the keys, standing at the right hand of former husband and bass player John McVie who was, together with mercurial drummer Mick Fleetwood, rocking the “Morris dancers on acid” look. Stevie Nicks was front and centre, the eternal waif, and next to her was guitarist and vocalist – and former lover – Lindsey Buckingham, looking youthful and handsome in jeans and a sports coat.

The night began with The Chain, the stomping country rock anthem from Rumours, and from there on it was just a cavalcade of hits – Dreams, Rhiannon, Everywhere, a brilliant rendition of Tusk complete with a big-screen remix of the iconic marching band film clip, Sara and Say You Love Me, a song that showed off the McVie-Nicks-Buckingham harmony machine to full effect.

After that the band went off for a well-deserved breather while Buckingham laid down a truly beautiful solo version of Big Love. His guitar playing is a breathtaking mix of folk-styled fingerpicking and rock riffing, and his voice cut through the warm night as a full moon rose over the stands.

The band came back on for Landslide, and we got the first of Mick’s drum solos on Think About Me, before Nicks told the story of the inspiration behind Gypsy (it’s about an expensive San Francisco dress salon, Janis Joplin, and the moment she knew she was going to be a famous singer). I’m So Afraid saw Buckingham wowing with his guitar antics once more before the main set closed with a rousing rendition of Go Your Own Way that had the crowd on its feet and singing along (and one lady in the front row filming on an iPad. Get a phone, lady!)

There was an encore – that’s a given – and it started with World Turning complete with a five-minute Fleetwood drum solo/comedy routine, followed by Don’t Stop and Silver Springs. The night wound up, fittingly, with Christine McVie on a grand piano singing Songbird, accompanied by Buckingham on an acoustic guitar.

The applause was heartfelt, and the band genuinely seemed to appreciate it. The final word went to Fleetwood, the giant ringmaster, who thanked the fans for their support over almost five decades and implored everyone “in this seemingly crazy world that we live in” to “take such very good care of one another”. Yeah, Mick!


The Chain

You Make Loving Fun


Second Hand News



Bleed to Love Her



Say You Love Me

Big Love


Never Going Back Again

Think About Me


Little Lies

Gold Dust Woman

I’m So Afraid

Go Your Own Way


World Turning

Don’t Stop

Silver Springs


Nathan Davies / The Advertiser / Wednesday, October 28, 2015

2015 On With The Show Tour - Australia/NZ Angus & Julia Stone

VIDEOS 10/28: Coopers Stadium, Adelaide

Fleetwood Mac full moon
Fleetwood Mac performs “Landslide” under the full moon in Adelaide. (Photo: Vincent Mon)

On Wednesday night, Fleetwood Mac performed at Coopers Stadium in Adelaide, South Australia. The evening was graced with a full moon and balmy weather. Before The Mac hit the stage, supporting act Angus and Julia Stone, the sibling duo hailing from Sydney, warmed up the crowd with their blend of indie folk pop. Their acoustic melodies recalled the tones of Buckingham Nicks.

Stevie dedicated “Landslide” to the Adelaide crowd. “So, to you… OK, so anyway, I’m going to dedicate this to all of you, and keep this in your heart and whenever you’re at an outdoor concert, remember you’re supposed to have a lot of fun. This is called ‘Landslide.'”

Fleetwood Mac now heads to the city of Perth in Western Australia, where they will perform at Domain Stadium on Friday night.

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Live Tweets

See more tweets from Wednesday’s Adelaide show.


Thank you to George Cervini, Kathleen Howell, JESRosenzweig, Peter Kershaw, lynnnickstricks, Snook, and Vincent Mon for capturing and sharing this footage!

COMPILATION: You Make Loving Fun / Everywhere / Say You Love Me / Landslide / Little Lies / Go Your Own Way / Don’t Stop / Songbird (JESRosenzweig)

COMPILATION: Gypsy / Sara / Dreams / Little Lies / Go Your Own Way / Everywhere / Don’t Stop / Tusk / Go Your Own Way (reprise) / Little Lies (reprise) / Think about Me (George Cervini)

Tusk (Peter Kershaw)

Say You Love Me – short clip (Snook)

Landslide – partial (Vincent Mon)

Landslide – partial (Kathleen Howell)

Gypsy – short clip (lynnnickstricks)

Set List

  1. The Chain
  2. You Make Loving Fun
  3. Dreams
  4. Second Hand News
  5. Rhiannon
  6. Everywhere
  7. Bleed to Love Her (replaces I Know I’m Not Wrong)
  8. Tusk
  9. Sara (replaces Sisters of the Moon)
  10. Say You Love Me
  11. Big Love
  12. Landslide
  13. Never Going Back Again
  14. Think About Me (replaces Over My Head)
  15. Gypsy
  16. Little Lies
  17. Gold Dust Woman
  18. I’m So Afraid
  19. Go Your Own Way
  20. World Turning (encore 1)
  21. Don’t Stop
  22. Silver Springs
  23. Songbird (encore 2)
2015 On With The Show Tour - Australia/NZ

Dressed-down Fleetwood Mac out and about in Adelaide

Fleetwood Mac: Supergroup being pretty low-key ahead of their Adelaide concert

Mick Fleetwood
Mick Fleetwood outside The Intercontinental in Adelaide (Photo: Mike Burton)

THE members of legendary supergroup Fleetwood Mac are being pretty low- key during their Adelaide stay.

Heading out of the band’s city hotel yesterday wearing jeans and a T-shirt Lindsey Buckingham, greeted our shutterbug telling him to stay put because “there will be a raft of people for you to photograph’’.

He wasn’t telling Little Lies either because soon after appeared Christine McVie, who is back with Mac after 16 years, with an entourage. Like Lindsey, she was casually dressed and looking relaxed as she left to take in some city sights.

Mick Fleetwood was even more chilled out, rocking a beanie.

Fleetwood Mac is performing at Coopers Stadium on Wednesday night and there are Rumours the band will be at the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

Lindsey Buckingham
Lindsey Buckingham outside The Intercontinental in Adelaide (Photo: Mike Burton)

“Fleetwood Mac has been invited and inundated with requests to attend Cup Carnival events,” a source close to the band tells Confidential.

The Advertiser / Tuesday, October 27, 2015